Seasonal Allergies

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"I was taking Sudafed and I was taking so much that I built a tolerance"

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I had allergies, real bad allergies like seasonal allergies, the pollen, and stuff like that. And I remember one time, it was real bad where I was living at, I was living in Fresno, California, I am from Monterey, California. It was real bad. So I was taking Sudafed and I was taking so much that I built a tolerance to them. So, the only time that I got any type of relief, is when I'd pop like 5 or 6 of them. If I didn't have it in my system, both my nostrils would clog up and it was miserable. So I stopped doing sudafed.

I read in a men's health magazine about a juice fast, you know, just fasting with juice, natural juices. So I tried it and they were saying it was good for allergies. I tried it and it worked. And to this day, I haven't used no sudafeds or nothing. It's different for everybody, because I even had to experiment with different things. But the one thing I always put is oranges when I do a juice fast. I would always use orange juice as my base, always. But that's just my preference. I can't say that would work. You know what I mean? I can't say that it would work for everybody. Maybe they like grapefruit juice and they will use that as a base, but just combine your favorite juices. But make sure they're natural. Don't get like that Donald Duck orange juice. If you can, do it as natural as possible, juice it if you can. It's just really the fast, combined with the juices that I think does the trick. It worked for me.