Burn Relief with Onion

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"There are a lot of homeopathic remedies that I've been "wives tale" told about"

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Burn Onion Grandma Homeopathic

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My name is Alma Florez-Perez. I am originally from Austin, Texas, but my entire family is Mexican/Mexican American. There are a lot of kind of homeopathic remedies that I've been "wives tale" told about, when I was growing up. But the one that I found to be pretty true is whenever there's a burn, my grandmother would always tell my mom, and my mom would always tell me to peel an onion and rub the onion on the burn. And that would help the pain and help the swelling go down. My mom swears by it. I was super skeptical for a while, but I tried it recently and it really did work. So you cut the onion in half. Just take one of the larger chunks out of it, like just one thin layer of onion and just rub it on the burn for about 30 seconds, and it should take some of the pain away pretty fast.