Acid Reflux

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"Since childhood I've been eating fennel seed..."

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Fennel Seeds Acid Reflux Fresh Breath Digestion

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Since childhood I have been eating fennel seed as a way to have fresh breath. It acted kind of like fresh mint, and also to help with post-eating digestion, specifically things like acid reflux. After work, as an adult, I use it pretty much every day after I eat, and it's really nice to have on hand, especially for times when we might be like running around, maybe not eating the best quality food or having kind of oily food–an acidity trigger. And specifically for me, fennel seed kind of helped. It really helped keep my mouth feeling fresh and my breath feeling fresh. I even started to use fennel seed toothpaste like an organic toothpaste, which I really, really like, and that, three times a day, still keeps my mouth feeling really clean. I associate fennel more with fresh breath, then I would say, mint or some of the more commonplace things. But it's something that my family had a habit of long before me, and it's pretty common in India where we're from.