Get Rid Of Acne, the Natural Way

What you eat and drink may be as important as what you apply to your skin.

by Sreeja V., Jan 7 2020

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Avocado for Acne
Diet Addresses Acne

When It Began

Most people have had acne at some point in their lives. For some, like one of our storytellers, acne comes later in life. She was relatively acne-free when acne first hit most of her friends in their teens. But when she turned 22, she experienced a sudden and severe breakout for the first time. 


For others, acne is a chronic problem. Another storyteller of ours, a 33-year-old Pittsburgh resident, struggled with acne since she was 12. Though her face cleared up after puberty, the breakouts continued on her chest and back, well beyond her teen years. By the time she reached her mid-twenties, she was sick of feeling embarrassed, comfortable wearing only dresses and shirts that hid her breakouts. She was determined to find a solution that finally worked. 


Finding Natural Solutions

The first choice for both storytellers was trying over-the-counter and prescription acne medication, but all they did was make each of their conditions worse, causing their skin to dry up and peel. That’s when the 22-year-old decided to begin a skincare regimen that included only natural products. She tried different combinations of ingredients before realizing that moisturizing her skin was the most important. What worked best for her was using an avocado mask she made from half of a fresh avocado and some honey. 


Over time, her skin began to feel smooth and nourished. In addition to the avocado mask, she also stopped eating junk food and added “golden milk,” a concoction of turmeric, Vietnamese cinnamon, and ginger into her diet. Overall, this helped to reduce inflammation and improved her general skin condition. For those interested in trying natural remedies for acne, she advises, “Be sure to experiment until you find the very thing that works for you.”


Similarly, the Pittsburgh resident took to experimentation, but first, she took to research. She devoured any and every recommendation for acne treatment across health sites and personal blogs in the hope of finding a cure. She noticed many of them had something in common. Food allergies. She had never had any reason to believe she was allergic to anything, so she wasn’t hopeful that an elimination diet would work for her, but she tried it anyway out of desperation. She began by eliminating the most common skin-irritating ingredients based on her research: gluten, dairy, and sugar.


Within a week of implementing her new diet, her acne was completely gone from her chest and back. A food allergy seemed to be the problem after all. In order to discover if she was more sensitive to one ingredient than another, she re-introduced each back into her diet. After experimenting over a period of a few months, she discovered that each time she ate dairy, her chest and back would break out. Today she moderates her dairy consumption so she can still enjoy some of her favorite treats like cheese and ice cream, even if it is at the expense of clear skin. 


Maintaining Clear Skin

Through trial and error, both storytellers discovered that you must experiment with natural remedies until you discover what makes your body and skin feel best. And that what you eat/drink may be as important as what you apply when it comes to controlling acne. Persistence is the key.