Do Alternative Cures Work for Respiratory Diseases? (Part 2)

Part 2 of 2

by Swell., Feb 13, 2020

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Child Sinusitis

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The Girl Who Got Her Groove Back

There was a little girl, all of three, who no longer seemed interested in the world. The smallest things would scare her. She seemed terrified of anything and everything in her space and lashed out without reason. Her mom didn’t know why. She only knew that she had a “blocked head”. In other words, she was regularly extremely stuffed up. Overnight, the three-year-old woke up a different person. She was cheerful and got ready for school. And at school, something totally unexpected happened. As soon as she saw the jungle gym at her school, she scrambled right up to the top, walked across the ladder without hesitation, and came down on the other side. Her mom stood there dazed. This was a girl who never even got on a swing out of fear. Soon enough, she started connecting with other kids and cheered up dramatically.  How did this girl fight her respiratory issues and get her groove back? Listen to her story here.


Unlikely Cures

Very few would take the risk of exploring alternative healing therapies when a situation could snowball into a larger problem. However, the parents of a three-year-old suffering from a chest cold and asthma did exactly that.  This three year old recovered from pneumonia with the help of her homeopath and with castor oil, without the use of antibiotics. Listen to her mom tell her story here.


Antiphlogistine, a horse poultice, is the go-to cure for one of our storytellers who suffered from bronchitis as a kid and as an adult. Growing up, her parents relied on it each time she would get sick. She remembered this years later when she was determined not to take antibiotics during a bout of bronchitis. She tells us her story here.


A controlled observational study was conducted to look into the role that homeopathic medicines played in preventing respiratory tract infections from recurring. Of the 459 patients who were studied between 2002 and 2011, 248 were treated with homeopathy and 211 were untreated. The findings published in a paper in 2016 are heartening. The patients who were treated with homeopathy had a significant reduction in the number of respiratory infections they had every year1.

From juicing, homeopathic remedies, castor oil and hot water to horse poultice, several alternatives have helped our storytellers manage respiratory diseases. At the root of every remedy lies a deep understanding of your body and what works best for you, whether from a childhood memory lying in the recesses of your mind or simply by hard work and research.


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