Do Alternative Cures Work for Respiratory Diseases? (Part 3)

Do Alternative Cures Work for Respiratory Diseases? (Part 3)

Part 3 of 3

by Sreeja V., Mar 13, 2020

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Mucus Build Up
Pepper Cough

In Part 3 of the Alternative Cures for Respiratory Diseases series, we bring you three experiences of tried-and-tested cures from Swell Founder SKV, based in San Francisco.

Nipping Asthma in the Bud

The pills from the homeopath worked their magic on Swell Founder SKV who, when she was 12, had people keep score and place bets on the number of times she would sneeze in a few minutes. The maximum record she held was about 25 times in under three minutes. While this was amusing to many, her grandfather was perturbed. Asthma ran in the family and one of his daughters was suffering a great deal because of it. He decided to nip the problem in the bud and took her to a homeopath who administered several different medications over a three-week period. Based on the feedback on how she was reacting to each of them, he put her on a course of two pills a day for six months. She was fully cured at the end of it but continued to take the pills for another six months as advised by the homeopath. The problem hasn't recurred since. 

Cures from Your Kitchen

Some moms come up with their own home-based remedies to combat common cold and infections, and in this case, mucus buildup caused by a structural abnormality. Swell Founder SKV discovered that both her kids had very large adenoids and each time they had a cold the mucus would get trapped between their nose and ears. This happened because the adenoids took up much of the space, not allowing the mucus to drain completely, causing further problems like sinusitis and ear infections. The kids would get frequent bouts of cold and cough before they turned five. Her son even developed pneumonia when he was two and had to be injected with antibiotics over a course of three weeks to get rid of it. They also suffered hearing loss at one point due to fluid retention in the middle ear. SKV didn't want to take him in for surgery, which the doctors told her was the only option. She was motivated to find a solution that would focus on reducing the buildup of mucus.

She came up with a concoction now known as the “yellow medicine” in their home. She took ingredients from the best-suggested remedies from various cultures across the worldturmeric, cinnamon, pepper, and honeysince each of these seemed to help a lot of people heal. She took half a teaspoon of turmeric and a quarter teaspoonful of cinnamon, pepper, and honey before adding a squeeze of lemon and mixing them all. To this day, she gives two teaspoons of the concoction twice a day to her kids every time they get a cold. 

Additionally, she also flushes out the mucus from their sinuses, squeezing saline into their nostrils with a neti pot once during the five-day cycle of the cold. She had read somewhere that mucus formation was part of the body's natural response to create inflammation to ward off foreign bodies. The concoction and sinus flush helps reduce it. 

She has also tried a simple yet powerful remedy suggested by her sister-in-law to help treat a cough while getting over the flu or a cold. She chews on three to four grains of crystal rock salt and whole pepper several times throughout the day and it takes care of the problem within two days. 

A determined mom, some good advice, and a little bit of hard-nosed research can truly be a Swell combination!