About Swell

A note from the Founder

"Nobody should have to suffer from an ailment to which anybody in the world has found a cure"

Hi there! I am Sudha, Mom of two absolutely amazing kids, and Founder, CEO and CTO of Swell. Those of you who know me might be surprised that I am doing a consumer facing startup in health and wellness, given that I have spent all my professional life in B2B enterprise software. The previous company I co-founded was an e-commerce software company that was acquired.

This time, my journey is personal. I quit my last firm when I faced various health issues in my family, with my son’s mysterious illness, my own high blood pressure, and slipped disk and sciatica. In all of these cases and many more, I saw doctors and spent a lot of time struggling with the problem before finally “solving” it.

And as part of this journey in figuring out these solutions, I realized that there are so many of us who do this on a daily basis - struggle with many common ailments and then figure out an uncommon or unusual solution to cure or mitigate the problem but that knowledge then gets lost. If you try searching the web, you are inundated with a set of results where it is very hard to make sense of what is real and believable and what is fake news or snake oil.

Swell was founded to help solve this problem. I wanted to build a place where it is possible to discover new solutions to health problems when conventional solutions were simply not working.

Swell brings together real people who have actually tried and found uncommon solutions to various common ailments, and they talk about their experience in their own voice. You may be surprised that we encourage people to submit the story in an audio format and not simply type it - we have found that the quality and impact of the spoken word can simply not be matched by a simple text post. We know we are doing something very different here and we are excited and encouraged by the early results.

Further, the Swell platform will use technology to learn from this growing body of first hand knowledge and share the insights and information with this community, so everyone can quickly search, discover and benefit from the collective experience of this community.

I personally believe that by using technology and building the right features and tools, we can help people take more control of their health and wellbeing and be able to make more informed choices. And if we are successful, we will get closer to our vision


"Nobody should have to suffer from an ailment to which anybody in the world has found a cure"

Wish me luck!

And if you agree with my vision, come and join the Swell community and help us make it real!

- Sudha KV